Background Checks

There may be no more important service you can obtain to increase the security, safety and financial stability of your business and family, than a background investigation. Whether you need to check the background of a potential nanny for your child, perform a pre-employment background check for your business, or even undertake a criminal background check, Hurley Investigative Services, LLC , can provide you with the facts you need to make the best informed decision.

A background check — whether to research the history of an elderly caretaker-nanny for your children- due diligence-investigate a criminal record or perform a routine pre-employment screening — is a smart and cost-effective way to gather more information about individuals or businesses.

• If someone else’s past is going to become part of your future, performing a background investigation simply makes sense.
• With 35 years of investigative experience we know how to obtain the most vital information you need, in a legal and ethical manner, and present it in a professional and understandable format.
• Deciding to use background checks prior to hiring a new employee or inviting a caretaker into your home is legal, ethical and a very wise decision. And, in today’s world, it’s more important than ever. Why make uninformed decisions about your future when you don’t have to? Background checks equip you with facts so that you are well equipped to make informed decisions.

Contact Hurley Investigative Services, LLC, if you seek any of the below;

• Criminal Background Checks
• Business Background Checks
• Pre-Employment Background Checks
• Nanny Background Checks
• Elderly Caregiver Checks
• Due Diligence Investigation