Accident and Personal Injury Reconstruction

Each day across the United States, thousands of motor vehicle accidents, occur resulting in personal injury, death, millions of dollars in damages, insurance claims and costly litigation. It is very likely that during your lifetime you or a family member will be involved in a motor vehicle accident. You may be required to defend your actions, provide a deposition to insurance companies, or become the litigant as a result an accident not being your fault.

It is not always clear who is at fault when a motor vehicle accident occurs. An experienced private investigator can assist you with determining fault, obtaining the facts, locating key witnesses and re-examining accident diagrams.

In today’s world litigation is common place when one is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Hurley Investigative Services LLC, can provide you with valuable support and guidance throughout this process. By retaining Hurley Investigative Services LLC, you can save yourself the added stress from involvement in years of potential litigation, while reducing the expenses associated with it and being prepared with all of the facts.